The AFICE Inbound J Visa Program

Thank you for your interest in becoming an AFICE exchange student. Our J Visa Inbound program enables high school-aged students from around the world the opportunity to live with a family here in the United States and learn firsthand about the American way of life. As an AFICE Exchange Student, you will live as a member of your host family, attending the local high school for one academic school year. AFICE is designated by the United States Department of State as a J Visa sponsor, and we provide each student with the necessary DS-2019 form that is used to obtain the J-1 visa.

Please note: the DS-2019 form is very similar in function to the I-20 form that is used to obtain an F-1 Visa. If you are seeking an I-20 form, it may turn out that the DS-2019 is what you are really trying to obtain. You can read about some of the differences between the J-1 and F-1 visa programs here.

Qualifications: AFICE students must be no younger than fifteen and no older than seventeen and a half years old at the time their exchange year begins. AFICE students must currently be enrolled in school, have good grades, and be able to speak and comprehend English well enough to participate in an American high school with no special assistance.

If you are interested in becoming an exchange student in the United States, please fill out the form below. We will contact you with information on how to start the process. If you live in the United States and wish to host an exchange student, please use our Host Family Contact Form. Thank you!

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